General information

Catalog no.: 035188
Credit points: 3.5
Prerequisites: 034032—Linear Systems
034040—Introduction to Control
Grading policy: 2 midterm projects (tokef)—20% each (provided the grade of the final exam is at least 55)
Final exam—60% (or 100%, if its grade is lower than 55)
Passing policy: Minimum passing grade is 55, only those who pass both projects are elibible to take the final exam


Advanced single-loop analysis: signals and systems in the frequency domain; advanced loop shaping; robustness of control systems; pole placement; industrial controllers; control of dead-time systems.

State-space methods: state space; structural properties of systems in state space; state feedback; state observers; observer-based output feedback; linear-quadratic regulator (LQR) problem; linear-quadratic estimation (Kalman filtering); LQG.

Introduction to sampled-data control: connecting analog and digital; control of discrete-time systems; the sampling theorem, aliasing, and anti-aliasing filters; digital redesign of analog controllers.


Full Hebrew version can be downloaded from here.


Leonid Mirkin 210 D. Dan & Betty Kahn Bld., phone: 3149, email: 

Teaching assistant:

Maor Braksmayer 305 Energy Bld., phone: 2073, email: 
Office hours: Thursday 14:30–15:30



Type Instructor Day Time Location
lecture L. Mirkin Sunday 14:30–17:20 Lady Davis 451
tutorial M. Braksmayer Sunday 17:30–18:20 Lady Davis 451

Final exams:

Moed Date Time Location
א׳ February 19, 2017 9:00 430 LD
ב׳ March 16, 2017 9:00 441 LD


  1. Preliminaries (review of some material from "Introduction to Control")
  2. M- and N-circles, Nichols chart, Bode's gain-phase relation; pole/zero cancellations (also in beamer mode)
  3. Lightly-damped loops; 2DOF controllers; strong stabilization (also in beamer mode) (updated 13.11.2016)
  4. Dead-time systems (also in beamer mode)
  5. Pole placement; integrator windup; choice of reference signals (also in beamer mode)
  6. Robustness; state space methods: preliminaries (also in beamer mode)
  7. Controllability and observability, minimal realizations, state feedback (also in beamer mode) (updated 13.12.2016)
  8. State feedback (contd), state observers, observer-based feedback (also in beamer mode) (updated 18.12.2016)
  9. LQR (also in beamer mode)
  10. Linear-quadratic state estimation, LQG; introduction to sampled-data systems (also in beamer mode) (updated 1.1.2017)
  11. Digital redesign of analog controllers; the Sampling Theorem (also in beamer mode) (updated 7.1.2017)
  12. Discrete-time design, analysis of discrete systems (also in beamer mode) (updated 21.1.2017)
  13. Discrete-time design (contd); sampled-data LGR (also in beamer mode) (updated 21.1.2017)


Homework assignments

(including solutions)


  1. Assignment (submission deadline: 11.12.2016, 11:30am).
  2. Assignment (submission deadline: 22.01.2017, 11:30am).

Project reports are to be submitted electronically (in PDF only, typeset, not scanned handwrites) to . MATLAB code should also be included (see explanations in the assignment file).